The Membership cap for our PROBUS club is 330. Once that number has been reached a wait list will be established. If our Membership becomes full, we will post it on this site.

Renewing Member:

If you are a returning member, please fill out the “Member” Application form (2 pages).  Be sure to sign the bottom, and if possible get a witness signature.

The completed form, along with a cheque to cover your annual membership fee of $25.00 cash or cheque can be mailed to Alison Greenaway-Coates.  Her address is in the membership list for 23/24. eTransfer is coming soon.  When available, send the payment to and the completed form to

Annual fees and forms for returning members must be received by September 11th. The 23/24 membership expires August 31, 2024.

Life Membership Renewal Form:

To celebrate the 5th anniversary of the Hanover Area PROBUS Club, we granted FREE Lifetime Membership to those who meet the following criteria:

• are in good standing
• have been an active member for 5 years
• will have reached the age of 85 by December 31 of the current year

Please complete the Life Membership form if this applies to you.

New Members:

If you are interested in joining the Hanover Area PROBUS Club, please complete the New Member form. Please submit this form with your payment of $45 cash, cheque (payable to the Hanover Area PROBUS Club) or eTransfer (when available) to Alison Greenaway-Coates for processing and Club approval. You may contact her at for information on where to submit the form.

Interested in The Management Committee?

Fill out the Membership Committee Nomination Form and bring the form to the monthly General Meeting, held in the Canadiana Room at the Royal Canadian Legion Hanover Branch 130, Hanover.

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