Cross Country
Snow Shoeing

2018 – 2019 Activity Groups and Coordinators

Board Games coordinator needed F/W/SP alternate weeks on Wed. at 12:45pm at Giddy Goblin
Books Lois Todd F/W/SP/SU  
Bridge Bev Hambly F/W/SP/SU weekly on Wed. at 1:00pm P&H Centre
Bridge, Beg. Bev Hambly F weekly on Wed. at 12:00pm P&H Centre
Crafts Rose Cote F/W/SP montly, time and location varies
Cycling Dianne Mather                     Eva Wilken F/SP/SU weekly on Thurs., one week Hanover Trail 9:00am; alternate week out of town 10:00am                      
Dinner Club Ed Peppler                           Fern Peppler F/W/SP third Thursday of the month, location varies
Golf Marie David                          Shirley Waechter                  Judy MacDonald                  F/SP/SU weekly on Tues., location varies
Hiking coordinator needed F/SP/SU  
Knitting & Crochet Jeanne Kucan                       Dona Smillie F/W/SP alternate weeks on Mon. at 1:30 location varies
Pickleball Margaret Peckham F/W/SP/SU bi-weekly on Tues. & Thurs. 10:00am Hanover Tennis Club; in winter Nuestadt Pickleball Club
Pole Walking coordinator needed F/W/SP/SU weekly on Thurs. at 9:15 am at P&H Centre
Potluck Marybell Schumacher F/W/SP second Monday every other month at 12:00pm Hope Church
Scrabble Barb Smith F/W/SP alternate weeks on Thurs. location varies
Ski, X Country Dianne Mather W TBA depending on weather conditions
Snowshoe coordinator needed W TBA depending on weather conditions
Strollers Donna Clark                         Donna Love F/SP/SU weekly on Wed. at 10:00am location varies
Technical Aspects & Principles of Photography Joan Roseborough F/W/SP  TBA depending on interest
Tennis Fran Schaus F/SP/SU Hanover Tennis Courts
Travel Wayne Pfeffer                    Keith Wettlaufer                   Marg Wettlaufer F/SP/SU bi-monthly on Tues. at 11:30 at Hanover Curling Club
Wine Tasting Dan Hobler F/W/SP/SU time and location vary


Wine Tasting